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    The worlds first free WordPress crowdfunding plugin and premium themes.

Fundify Preview

Crowdfunding Portal Theme

Fundify is an amazing crowdfunding WordPress theme that allows you to easily create your own crowdfunding website with WordPress. If you want to build a crowdfunding platform similar to the likes of Kickstarter or Indiegogo this is an awesome solution.

The Fundify theme integrates with the free Easy Digital Downloads and Crowdfunding plugins to create a beautiful and solid crowdfunding website that lets you crowd source funds for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, technology or anything else you can imagine.

Demo Theme

Campaignify Preview

Multi-purpose Crowdfunding Theme

Campaignify is an awesome multi-purpose crowdfunding theme for WordPress. The theme is designed for single campaign fundraising, making it possible to create a dedicated website to raise funds for one project. If you’re looking for a theme to build more of a crowd funding portal site for multiple projects (like Kickstarter), check out the Fundify theme.

The beautiful thing about Campaignify is that it’s beautiful regardless of how you use it.

Demo Theme


Free WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin

Transform your WordPress website into a fully featured crowdfunding platform for free. Crowdfunding by Astoundify is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads, the Crowdfunding plugin lets you crowd-fund anything you want.

Friends or strangers can pledge money towards a project and receive rewards for their contributions. Pledge amounts are only collected if a campaign reaches its goal in the time specified.

Start creating your own crowdfunding website for anything you can imagine.

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40+ Payment Gateways Supported

Crowdfunding by Astoundify supports over 40+ payment gateways including some of the largest payment processors in the world, including PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, 2Checkout and many more.

With custom integration with Stripe, WePay and PayPal Adaptive Payments to allow for pre-orders or pre-approval billing, funds won't be taken until the campaign has reached its goal or the date of the campaign has ended if using the flexible funding option.


Start Receiving Pledges/Pre-Orders

Integration with Stripe, WePay and PayPal Adaptive Payments extensions allows "Backers" to preapprove their pledge amounts. This is a "promise" that if the campaign reaches their set goal within the specified time, the pledged amount will be charged, and backers will receive their reward.

All of Astoundify's crowdfunding themes and the Crowdfunding plugin also work seamlessly with any other Easy Digital Downloads payment gateway. However, funds will be collected automatically when the amount is pledged.


Get Involved

Fork Crowdfunding by Astoundify and start contributing today on GitHub.

Developers can contribute to the source code of the project by submitting pull requests, fixing bugs and translating the plugin into other languages.

Astoundify have a very active development community where users are helping out one another and contributing to the Crowdfunding plugin.

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    Will you have any additional themes in the near future? If so, how will they compare to the previous three? (single funding / group funding / etc.)

    Thank you

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